Mission Statment:
It is our mission to secure the future of Pit Bulls by promoting responsible ownership through education and population control, while rehabilitating the reputation of these remarkable dogs.


Spay/Neuter your dog.  There is a HUGE overpopulation problem with Pit Bulls. Between large litters and breed bans, there simply are more Pit Bulls than homes for them. Additionally, altered dogs tend to live longer and have fewer health problems. If you own a Pit Bull type dog and cannot afford to spay/neuter it, contact us at info@lakeshorebullyclub.org and we will see what we can do to help. Please spay or neuter your dog.

Keep current on vaccines.
  Take care of your dog's health!  A healthy dog is a happy dog!  This includes vaccines. FACT: All dogs are required by law to be vaccinated against rabies in the state of Wisconsin. Contact us for information on discounted vaccination clinics in the area. 

License your dog.  All dogs are required by law to be licensed in Sheboygan. Licensing your dog is easy!  Visit http://ci.sheboygan.wi.us/Finance/PetLicense.html  to find out how. Your licensed dog will receive a tag that they must wear at all times.  Lakeshore Bully Club encourages you to follow dog licensing laws.  This will shows citizens and lawmakers alike that Pit Bull owners are responsible.

Exercise your dog's body. Pit Bulls are energetic.  Not only do they enjoy daily exercise, the REQUIRE it.  Whether you prefer to walk, run or bike, take your Pit Bull with you for a minimum of 45 minutes each day.  Any dog that is insufficiently exercised with find another way to use up that excess energy - usually through bad behavior. 

Exercise your dog's mind.  Pit Bulls are smart and eager to learn. Mental exercises - you may know them as "tricks" - are a great way to keep your dog's mind in shape. Just 15 minutes each can have a major positive impact your dog's behavior.  Plus it's fun to show off all the tricks they know!

Expect good behavior from your dog.  Pit Bulls eager to please - use this to your advantage. Teach them good manners that will impress your friends and neighbors. They key to effective training is to be  PERSISTENT AND CONSITENT.

Socialize your dog.  As with any dog, it is important to socialize Pit Bulls early and often.  Training and agility classes are great ways to socialize your dog.

Avoid dog parks.
  You and your Pit Bull may love dog parks but it's best to avoid them. Unfair as it may be, if there is ANY altercation between your dog and another dog, it will ALWAYS be perceived as your dog’s fault, even if it clearly wasn’t.  The reality is that the media continually vilifies Pit Bulls.  As a result, people’s perceptions of the breed are tarnished.  We need to rehabilitate the reputation of these remarkable dogs.  This will be an uphill battle, but by keeping your dog out of potentially reactive situations, you are doing your part to increase the positive image of Pit Bulls. 

Respect leash laws.
  Sheboygan has a leash law.  When you are out in public with your dog, always have it attached to a leash.  Lakeshore Bully Club discourages the use of retractable leashes.  Unfortunately some people fear Pit Bulls. If you keep your dog on a shorter leash and teach it to walk at your side, you'll help to put people's fears at bay.  Additionally, by teaching your dog to walk at your side, you'll impress people with your dog's good behavior. Good leash skills will go a long way in helping to change people's perceptions of these amazing dogs!

Never leave your Pit Bull unattended with children.  Never leave any dog unattended with any child, ever! Children can behave unpredictably which can cause your dog to react unpredictably. Always monitor your dog when children are present and encourage children to practice good behavior when interacting with any dog.

Unfenced yard?  Always tether your dog when going outside.
Your dog may know not to leave the yard when taking care of “business”. And you may know that your dog won't leave the yard.   But people passing by don't know.    To them, an untethered dog - especially a Pit Bull - may be perceived as a dangerous situation.  By tethering your dog every time it goes outside, you are restoring peace of mind to passersby and you promote the image of a responsible owner.  Additionally, you never know when a squirrel or rabbit may tempt your dog to give chase, maybe right into traffic.  Tethering your dog keeps everyone safe.

Never leave your tethered dog unattended.
 Pit Bulls are very social animals and we encourage that they live indoors as members of the family. Only tether your dog outdoors when you'll be there to supervise.  There are many reasons for this. Dogs that are tethered can easily tip over their water bowl. They may not be able to move to shelter from the elements.  On a hot day, this can expose your dog to heat exhaustion.  Additionally if an unfriendly stray dog wanders into your yard, your tethered dog won't be able to escape.  Enjoy your dog's outdoor time WITH them! 

Understand human-aggressive behavior is NOT normal.  By nature, Pit Bulls are highly people-friendly dogs. For a Pit Bull to show any sign of human-aggressive behavior is not acceptable. If your Pit Bull displays human-aggressive traits, talk to your vet, a trainer or an animal behaviorist. 

Treat your Pit Bull with love and respect.
  Pit Bulls love unconditionally, are loyal, and they strive to please their owners.  What could be more rewarding than that?  Return the favor to your dog.  Reward your dog’s good behavior with lots of affection. Make it a priority that you and your dog are ambassadors for Pit Bulls everywhere.  Every time you leave your house, you and your dog have the opportunity to change someone’s mind about these remarkable dogs! If we can do this, maybe someday everyone will treat Pit Bulls with the love and respect they deserve!




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