Mission Statment:
It is our mission to secure the future of Pit Bulls by promoting responsible ownership through education and population control, while rehabilitating the reputation of these remarkable dogs.


The term "Pit Bull" comes from the formal breed name American Pit Bull Terrier.  However, a variety of dog breeds with characteristics similar to American Pit Bull Terriers are referred to simply as "Pit Bulls".  They have also been given the nickname "Bully Breed" dogs - not because they are mean bullies,  but because they were created by cross-breeding Bulldogs with Terriers.  

Three breeds make up the "Pit Bull" category: 
- American Pit Bull Terrier
 -American Stafforshire Terrier
- Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Pit Bulls are smart, energetic and eager to please!  They are affectionate and make great family pets.  

Pit Bulls were a symbol of America during World War I. They were once known as "nanny dogs", looking out for and protecting the children they shared homes with.  They are soldiers, police dogs, therapy dogs, disc and agility champions.  

What are Pit Bulls?  They are just dogs. 
Like every other breed of dog, they are what we make them. 


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