Mission Statment:
It is our mission to secure the future of Pit Bulls by promoting responsible ownership through education and population control, while rehabilitating the reputation of these remarkable dogs.



Spay/Neuter Assistance Program

Do you have a Pit Bull/mix that has not been spayed/neutered?  We know that “speutering” is expensive, and we want to help!


 Best reasons to spay/neuter your Pit Bull:

·        “Speutered” dogs have 

fewer health problems

·        “Speutered” dogs live longer

·        Scores of  homeless Pit Bulls

–Do your part –
“SPEUTER” your bully!

For details, call Stephanie (920) 918-1939


“Gentle Exchange”

 Gentle Leader Exchange Program

We encourage the use of a gentle leader coupled with a martingale no-slip collar in place of a prong/pinch, choke or shock collars.

Prong/Pinch, Choke and Shock Collars are unsafe for your Pit Bull and they promote a negative image of the breed.


If you are currently using one of these collars, give it to us. We’ll give you a gentle leader, a martingale no-slip collar and a “how-to use a gentle leader” dvd  for


We’ll even help you fit it and give you some tips about how to use it. 


Call Stephanie (920) 918-1939


For details, call Stephanie (920) 918-1939

“Pit Bull Promise”

Make this pledge to yourself and your dog(s):


I promise to be a responsible dog owner by:

         > Treating my dog with love and respect

    > Learning as much as I can about my dog’s breed

    > Exercising my dog’s body and mind

    > Using only positive reinforcement training with my dog

    > Never hitting or hurting my dog

    > Having my dog on a tether or leash at all times when outside

    > Never leaving my dog outside unattended

    > Taking care of my dog’s health

    > Socializing my dog with other dogs and people 

    > Making my dog a part of the family and    remembering that family is forever.


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