Mission Statment:
It is our mission to secure the future of Pit Bulls by promoting responsible ownership through education and population control, while rehabilitating the reputation of these remarkable dogs.

Here are some of our favorite organizations in the Sheboygan and Southeastern Wisconsin area: 

brewcitylogohttp://brewcitybullies.org  Brew City Bully Club is located in Milwaukee, WI. They have been a true inspiration to us. We cannot thank them enough for all their wisdom in helping us start our organization.  Please visit their website and support them whenever you can. They work with End Dog Fighting In Milwaukee as part of their efforts. The End Dogfighting program is a nationwide program designed to help kids realize that dogs are loving animals, not fighting machines.


http://wyallc.com/  When You're Away offers responsible and trustworthy pet sitting services for animals of all kinds in the Sheboygan area. The best part? They come to you! Whether you need to be away for an afternoon or a week, When You're Away will customize a schedule to take care of your pets in your home.

Sud-Z-Paws offers self-service dog washing and they also offer grooming services. Their convenient wash stations make giving your dog a bath easy & fun! If you prefer, they'll groom your dog for you. They also sell Red Dingo dog tags - these are some of the coolest and most durable dog tags we've ever seen! They are located on South Business Drive in Sheboygan.


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