Mission Statment:
It is our mission to secure the future of Pit Bulls by promoting responsible ownership through education and population control, while rehabilitating the reputation of these remarkable dogs.



Please note that we are NOT a rescue!  We cannot help you re-home your Pit Bull.  

We are a not for profit community outreach program striving to create a brighter future for Pit Bulls. It is our belief that Pit Bulls are remarkable dogs that have become victims of inordinate inhumanity.  By advocating for responsible ownership, we believe that we can help improve the lives of Pit Bulls.  It is our desire to see a change sweep our community, our state, our nation, and the world.  Education is the key to all things possible.  If you give us a chance, we just might change your mind about Pit Bulls!

Lakeshore Bully Club formed as a result of proposed Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. In October, 2010 a member of our city's common council proposed that the city enact legislation that would impose significant restrictions on Pit Bulls and any dog that had characteristics of a Pit Bull.  Our fine citizens wouldn't have it!  Hundreds of dog owners - not all of them Pit Bull owners - stood up against the proposed ordinance, protesting in front of our city hall. 

Each member of our operations committee was involved in fighting the proposed BSL which is how we met each other.  We organized people for peaceful protest at the city hall meeting.  We encouraged citizens to write or call their alderperson and make their opinion known.  We encouraged our common council to consider legislation that would require EVERY dog owner to be responsible regardless of their dog's breed.  

Some of Lakeshore Bully Club's founding members spoke against the legislation at the city council meeting where the BSL was proposed. They were also selected to be members of a committee that eventually wrote a new dangerous dog ordinance, free from breed discrimination.

During these events, it became obvious to us that there were many misconceptions about Pit Bulls in our community.  We also saw that there was legitimate concern among citizens about irresponsible ownership of Pit Bulls. We decided to form Lakeshore Bully Club in an effort to address these concerns. By defeating BSL, we were encouraged that our words and actions could positively impact the future of Pit Bulls.  We formed Lakeshore Bully Club to further that cause.  We all have a love of the breed, but more importantly we share in the quest to promote responsible ownership and to rehabilitate the reputation of Pit Bulls everywhere!  
It is our goal to achieve this through education and community outreach programs.  See our "Programs" page for more information.



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